Your best Sattvic snack

The best snack according to the yoga-diet or Sattvic lifestyle, is eating fresh, organic natural food like fruits, yoghurt, nuts and seeds. This bowl has creamy organic yoghurt with a topping of mandarin, kiwi, cashew, banana, sesame seeds and raisins and could make a good breakfast, lunch or dinner too, since it is advised to eat … More Your best Sattvic snack

Why is Sattvic with dairy?

The ancient Sattvic yoga knowledge recommends eating vegetarian with dairy products. When those are organic and prepared with good care, they can contain a lot of prana, which is the energy that keeps us healthy according to Vedic Science. Milk, cream, yoghurt, cheese and butter are the only carriers of vitamine B12. Plants, like the … More Why is Sattvic with dairy?