2 times tahini dressing

Tahini is a paste of sesame seeds mostly used for humus and is amazingly healthy: it contains a lot of calcium, protein and fibre. One tea spoon of sesame seeds has more calcium than 10 liters of milk! This makes the tahini paste an important ingredient for the vegetarian and vegan kitchen. You can use … More 2 times tahini dressing


This lovely Sattvic bowl fits the yoga-diet perfectly. First prepare some whole grain spelt couscous. In the meanwhile stir-fry cabbage and celery in coconut oil with just a little bit of Himalaya-salt. Grill the falafel with pieces of egg-plant in a grill-pan. It is very easy to make falafel: just put the pre-boiled chickpeas with … More Falafel-bowl

Chickpeas Indian style

This colorful chickpea-dish is a lovely variation on the delicious Indian Chana Masala, only this recipe is somewhat more Sattvic because of the extra crunchy vegetables. It is a perfect stew for every season, because you can actually process all kinds of vegetables in it. This spicy summer version has carrots from my kitchen garden, celery … More Chickpeas Indian style

9 tips for a perfect yoga-diet: one raw-food meal a day

Many people struggle with overweight these days. Over 30% of our world population suffers from obesity. Mostly because of eating too much meat and drinking alcohol: the secret truth behind overweight. And of most things we eat, we don’t know that it contains a lot of sugar and unhealthy fats. The Yoga Lifestyle with Sattvic food … More 9 tips for a perfect yoga-diet: one raw-food meal a day