Strengthen your immune system to protect yourself from the virus!

Seeing the fact that our immune system is the only defence we have at this moment during the corona crisis, I would like to give you some nice yoga lifestyle tips to boost your immune system. Of course you need to protect yourself by distancing from others, washing your hands regularly and take care of … More Strengthen your immune system to protect yourself from the virus!

The high price yoga pays

What is yoga according to the ancient scriptures? Yoga is merging with the higher energy which is love. You become as light as love, so that you can vanish into the divine: particles of the same attract. The ultimate goal of life. How can you do this? With Jnana, Karma, Bhakti and Raja Yoga. With … More The high price yoga pays

Meditation by the sea

First there was nothing, just ether and prana or energy. Then there was this huge explosion from which the elements came. Planets were formed. After that, life came. First small forms of life and then animals. Human life came after that. So that means that the elements, nature and animals contain much more of the … More Meditation by the sea

Today is International Day of ‘Love for all Women’

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, initiated by the UN. Unbelievably necessary seeing the fact that there were more female victims of violence than victims in all wars and all terrorism together in the past decades. Beautiful initiatives are taking place, like #orangetheworld and #16days as a reaction on the UNiTE … More Today is International Day of ‘Love for all Women’

Ramanujan; God of Science

Srinivasa Ramanujan (translated as ‘Rama’s little brother’) was born in 1887 in India and the most gifted mathematician that ever lived. In his short life he contributed more to science than any other of his colleagues in history. Recently a beautiful film about his life ‘The man who knew infinity’ was released. The talented Dev Patel played … More Ramanujan; God of Science