Warm winter smoothie

Drinking cold smoothies makes us sometimes feel even colder these winter days, but smoothies are an important part of the Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle. A solution is to add some fresh ginger to your smoothie; this warms you from the inside. Another possibility is to drink a warm smoothie. The one in the picture came out … More Warm winter smoothie

Winter purslane smoothie

A very tasteful and delicious sunday-afternoon-smoothie. After a large and cozy family breakfast, lunch would be too much. So this fresh and super healthy purslane smoothie could be a perfect substitute. The Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle teaches us to always eat light and in balance with other meals during the day. Even if you would go … More Winter purslane smoothie

Tempting spinach, cottage cheese, banana, ginger & pomegranate smoothie

By far my best smoothie ever! This is what I intuitively did: I put a banana, some spinach leaves (since it is a season veggie and we need a lot of strength, iron and chlorophyll this time of the year), hazelnut-rice milk and some cottage cheese. Not the one you put on your sandwich, but … More Tempting spinach, cottage cheese, banana, ginger & pomegranate smoothie