Meditation by the sea

First there was nothing, just ether and prana or energy. Then there was this huge explosion from which the elements came. Planets were formed. After that, life came. First small forms of life and then animals. Human life came after that. So that means that the elements, nature and animals contain much more of the … More Meditation by the sea

The Moon & the mind

In two days the moon will be full again. And we all know how important the moon is for our existence: without the moon there would be no seasons and even female fertility depends on the moon. Our life is possible because of the moon. Though not many of us know that the moon was … More The Moon & the mind

It’s harvest time!

Can you imagine that these beautiful green endive leaves came from my 3 month old kitchen garden? What an amazing wonder from our Mother Nature! This is my first yard and I have very little experience gardening so when I can do this: you can do this too! It safes money, it’s organic, it’s fun, … More It’s harvest time!

Fruit is the new candy! Smoothie is the new you!

Apple, banana, pear, pomegranate, kiwi, lemon and avocado are this moments season fruits and those are irreplaceable in the Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle. We all know that fruits contain a lot of necessary vitamins, but there are much more reasons to eat fruits. First of all, fruits contain a lot of the life-giving energy prana. Our … More Fruit is the new candy! Smoothie is the new you!