It’s harvest time!

Can you imagine that these beautiful green endive leaves came from my 3 month old kitchen garden? What an amazing wonder from our Mother Nature! This is my first yard and I have very little experience gardening so when I can do this: you can do this too! It safes money, it’s organic, it’s fun, … More It’s harvest time!

The greener the better

The Yoga Lifestyle recommends Sattvic food, in particular raw green leaves and green vegetables like broccoli. This is for a reason. Green leaves have a lot of chlorophyll and contain an amazing amount of prana; the life-giving energy which gives good health according to ancient Vedic Science. If this energy is flowing through our energetic … More The greener the better

Apple, cucumber & spirulina smoothie to balance the mind

What a lovely moment to start the day with a good refreshing smoothie; this apple, cucumber, spirulina, ginger & lime smoothie is not only cleaning your system of body, mind & soul, it gives you a ‘prana-booster’ to have an amazing amount of energy during the whole day! According to the Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle, our … More Apple, cucumber & spirulina smoothie to balance the mind