Delicious turnip-tops salad with beetroot, apple and mandarin

An absolute winter season-veggie-fruit salade with a delicious and light Sattvic taste! Completely organic, vegan and super healthy! It was very simple to make: wash and cut the turnip-tops and put them in a bowl. On top some thinly sliced chioggia beetroot and a mix of apple and mandarin in lemon and honey dressing. This way … More Delicious turnip-tops salad with beetroot, apple and mandarin

The greener the better

The Yoga Lifestyle recommends Sattvic food, in particular raw green leaves and green vegetables like broccoli. This is for a reason. Green leaves have a lot of chlorophyll and contain an amazing amount of prana; the life-giving energy which gives good health according to ancient Vedic Science. If this energy is flowing through our energetic … More The greener the better

Healthy snack

Once somebody is used to the natural, fresh, organic and super healthy, light yoga lifestyle, ‘snacking’ exists mostly of eating a peace of fruit, some raw veggies or maybe a mixture of different nuts. This is because you just don’t feel like eating unhealthy food anymore. Though it is possible to snack ‘healthy-style’. When your … More Healthy snack