Magic stress-release

Just five minutes of stress-release self-massage on these two reflection points can completely change your whole mood. It gives an instant feeling of deep relaxation and helps you forget about all worries and stressful situations. The mind is at rest and the body becomes healthy. I strongly believe that we have a powerful healing force … More Magic stress-release

Sleep well!

11 tips to sleep better, deeper and more peaceful: An hour before bedtime, no more screens, but silence or soothing music Melatonin for falling better asleep or Bach Rescue Night for a deeper night’s sleep (only natural homeopathic or Ayurvedic remedies) Meditate before going to sleep Bodyscan before bedtime (possibly accompanied with beautiful soothing music) … More Sleep well!

Important day: Shivaratri

Very strong energy yesterday night and today during Shivaratri and New Moon. A perfect moment to do deep meditation and strong asana, but also a detox with only raw food and water. This helps cleaning the inner energy which will have it’s outcome on the outer energy and our experiences. The lighter the energy, the … More Important day: Shivaratri

Spending time in nature heals body and mind

It is scientifically proven by many universities all over the world, that being in nature has good influence on our mental and physical health. Hippocrates, founder of modern medicine discovered that disease is something natural (and not ‘supernatural’) and thus it can be healed with nature as well. According to him three elements are necessary … More Spending time in nature heals body and mind

The high price yoga pays

What is yoga according to the ancient scriptures? Yoga is merging with the higher energy which is love. You become as light as love, so that you can vanish into the divine: particles of the same attract. The ultimate goal of life. How can you do this? With Jnana, Karma, Bhakti and Raja Yoga. With … More The high price yoga pays

Meditation by the sea

First there was nothing, just ether and prana or energy. Then there was this huge explosion from which the elements came. Planets were formed. After that, life came. First small forms of life and then animals. Human life came after that. So that means that the elements, nature and animals contain much more of the … More Meditation by the sea