Magic stress-release

Just five minutes of stress-release self-massage on these two reflection points can completely change your whole mood. It gives an instant feeling of deep relaxation and helps you forget about all worries and stressful situations. The mind is at rest and the body becomes healthy. I strongly believe that we have a powerful healing force … More Magic stress-release

Winter remedies

It’s wintertime. That means a lot of flu, snot and coughing.. specially when you work with children like me. Here are some natural and organic Ayurvedic home remedies that function very well as antibiotics, anti virales and strengtheners of the immune system. Important is to keep eating Sattvic according to the yoga diet with lots … More Winter remedies

Spending time in nature heals body and mind

It is scientifically proven by many universities all over the world, that being in nature has good influence on our mental and physical health. Hippocrates, founder of modern medicine discovered that disease is something natural (and not ‘supernatural’) and thus it can be healed with nature as well. According to him three elements are necessary … More Spending time in nature heals body and mind

The healing power of celery

Celery-sticks have an amazing healing power. Every veggie or fruit has its own special feature from Mother Nature to help us live a healthy lifestyle. The Sattvic philosophy helps us analyzing every wondrous gift we get from nature. Like we’ve seen before in blogs about the health benefits of eating green-leave vegetables, celery has every quality … More The healing power of celery