2 times tahini dressing

Tahini is a paste of sesame seeds mostly used for humus and is amazingly healthy: it contains a lot of calcium, protein and fibre. One tea spoon of sesame seeds has more calcium than 10 liters of milk! This makes the tahini paste an important ingredient for the vegetarian and vegan kitchen. You can use … More 2 times tahini dressing

Quinoa and zucchini with purslane & coriander dressing

Every recipe on Yoga Lifestyle comes with a Sattvic-learning-element. This lovely meal with quinoa and zucchini-curry and purslane salad with cottage cheese-coriander dressing is a typical Sattvic dinner: it is vegetarian with dairy products, super light, with a lot of green, organic, and the season veggies are still crispy so the prana energy is preserved. … More Quinoa and zucchini with purslane & coriander dressing