Your best Sattvic snack

The best snack according to the yoga-diet or Sattvic lifestyle, is eating fresh, organic natural food like fruits, yoghurt, nuts and seeds. This bowl has creamy organic yoghurt with a topping of mandarin, kiwi, cashew, banana, sesame seeds and raisins and could make a good breakfast, lunch or dinner too, since it is advised to eat … More Your best Sattvic snack

Delicious purslane salad with goat cheese & pomegranate

There are so many ways to make a beautiful salad. And when raw season ingredients are organic and prepared with love, it can mostly be considered as our modern interpretation of ‘Sattvic’. That is why I usually post recipes of cooked Sattvic meals, because those recipes are very rare on the internet. But today I couldn’t … More Delicious purslane salad with goat cheese & pomegranate