Your best Sattvic snack

The best snack according to the yoga-diet or Sattvic lifestyle, is eating fresh, organic natural food like fruits, yoghurt, nuts and seeds. This bowl has creamy organic yoghurt with a topping of mandarin, kiwi, cashew, banana, sesame seeds and raisins and could make a good breakfast, lunch or dinner too, since it is advised to eat … More Your best Sattvic snack

Warm winter smoothie

Drinking cold smoothies makes us sometimes feel even colder these winter days, but smoothies are an important part of the Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle. A solution is to add some fresh ginger to your smoothie; this warms you from the inside. Another possibility is to drink a warm smoothie. The one in the picture came out … More Warm winter smoothie

Tempting spinach, cottage cheese, banana, ginger & pomegranate smoothie

By far my best smoothie ever! This is what I intuitively did: I put a banana, some spinach leaves (since it is a season veggie and we need a lot of strength, iron and chlorophyll this time of the year), hazelnut-rice milk and some cottage cheese. Not the one you put on your sandwich, but … More Tempting spinach, cottage cheese, banana, ginger & pomegranate smoothie