Sattvic food

Sattvic food or the yoga-diet is simple, healthy and light. The term comes from ancient Vedic Science and is part of the 3 gunas: Sattva, Tamas and Rajas.

Tamasic and Rajasic food is unhealthy with heavy energy. Sattvic food is fresh, natural, organic, NonGMO, vegetarian food with dairy products. It contains a lot of (green) raw products and vegetables are always shortly cooked, so that the prana (energy) is maintained. The Sattvic lifestyle learns to appreciate the taste of (light) nature with no heavy flavors or strong herbs.

Yoga Science advices to only eat one cooked meal a day, the rest of your food should be raw, like fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables, smoothies and a lot of fresh water. The art of the Sattvic lifestyle is to learn to understand your own personal needs each day by listening to your intuition: so Sattvic is for every person different, because everybody is unique and every day is anew.

Sattvic food supports your practice of meditation and asanas perfectly. Food influences our thoughts and those are the base of our emotions and actions. It is easier to come in between thoughts during meditation in a state of Samadhi, with light and fresh food which contains a lot of the life-giving energy prana. In between thoughts, in emptiness, lies the connection with our own inner happiness and the Divine Higher Energy.

We feed ourselves to clean our energetic system and to supplement our physical system, so food should be light, healthy and with good energy. Sattvic is a lifestyle in balance with nature and other living beings. It means that you understand that everything is part of a greater energy of love. All energy is borrowed, so you have to live with care and not waste any of the precious prana.

A Sattvic life with love, with loving acts, is an austere life according to the Bhagavad Gita. The conscious lifestyle cleans all negative patterns to make place for the energie of love: which is similar to prana. Only when we are pure love, we can merge into the Higher Energy of love in the process of Moksha, the goal of every yoga practice. Filling yourself with prana gives perfect health, good feelings, happiness, love and bliss!

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