Breaking with old patterns

We all have them: those patterns we want to break with. Like unhealthy eating habits or constantly putting ourselves down in our thoughts ‘I can’t wear this, I am too fat’ or ‘I am never capable of doing that’. These are normal patterns which we have formed throughout our whole lives. All our life-experiences influence … More Breaking with old patterns

It’s harvest time!

Can you imagine that these beautiful green endive leaves came from my 3 month old kitchen garden? What an amazing wonder from our Mother Nature! This is my first yard and I have very little experience gardening so when I can do this: you can do this too! It safes money, it’s organic, it’s fun, … More It’s harvest time!

Wonderful spiritual Indian music with a western touch

Indian singer and composer Dhroeh Nankoe, co-author of our upcoming book ‘Yoga-energizers For Children’, is going to indulge us with some very special yoga music. In a unique cooperation with Buddha Building, he created a beautiful new sound of Indian classical music with a western touch. The songs are specially created for Spiritual Dance like we describe … More Wonderful spiritual Indian music with a western touch