Yoga is an ancient wisdom. It is a whole culture. It is a lifestyle. Yoga is so much more than what we see on the mat. According to the old Vedic texts (and the science of Ayurveda), ‘yoga’ is a state of being connected with your ‘energetic self’. Your soul. Your Source of living. Without the energy of the soul, we cannot live. This life giving energy is called ‘prana’. It is the same energy as ‘love’ or ‘bliss’. So when we feel happy, or loved, we are connected to our soul-energy. Some like to call this ‘God’ or ‘The Higher Energy’.

“Prema (Divine Love) is God, God is Prema. Prema has no trace of selfishness; it is not bound by motives. Prema is the crucial support, for it is the very breath, the sole purpose of life”. 

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

In quantum physics it is well known that this energy exists of very small particles. Everything, our bodies and our environment has a pattern of particles. Everything is energy and like water, it melts together from a river into an ocean; we are all connected with each other and our surroundings with this energy.

Inside our bodies there are thousands of ‘highways for energy’ and ‘chakras’, which transport the prana. This complex construction of energy connects us with the energy around us. It is important that the energy can flow freely through our chakras. Any type of energy, this can be a thought, an experience, an emotion and even sound from the outside, can block the flow of energy. The chakras are directly linked to organs and all kinds of physiologic systems in our physical bodies. So when there is an energetic block, a physical symptom can appear. These are actually valuable warnings for us, to let us know that the energy is blocked. And even the nature of the symptom, can give us exclusive information about the energetic cause of the disease.

This sounds all very logical, especially with modern science like the quantum physics supporting the fact that ‘thoughts’ can influence any type of particle. So thoughts can influence our bodies. Thoughts are the basis of our emotions and those lead to actions. It all starts with ‘energy’ that influences our wellbeing and all our experiences in life.

When we meditate, a part of the yoga science, we are ‘in between’ thoughts, in a state of Samadhi. This means you are connected with these ‘highways of energy’ that lead us to Source. Any type of yoga practice will lead you directly to Source, to your own true self; JivAtma. That is the soul, completely free from any type of thought, attachment or negative energy. With ‘meditation’, ‘asanas’, ‘pranayama’ and ‘mantras’ we can actually clean all the energy. We can dissolve any type of energy block. In other words: by balancing the energy, we can heal completely from any type of disease. That is yoga. And the practice of ‘yoga off the mat’ is very interesting and challenging. It is not only ‘coloring mandalas’ or ‘chanting mantras’, though both are very important aspects of ‘yoga’. It is more a process in which we discover negative patterns (which attract negative energy) inside of ourselves and through consciousness and a healthy lifestyle we can dissolve them.

That purification process makes place for love; beautiful, light energy can flow into our system of chakras. That love is our Soul-energy. So when love is flowing into our lives, we become more ‘our true selves’. When we are pure unconditional love, when we act out of pure love, when we see love everywhere, our particles become very light and clear; like the Higher Energy. Particles of the same vibration attract each other. Love attracts more love! In that way we can merge into the Higher Energy; the love which is everywhere around us. That is the exact goal of every written Veda in the world and is called: Moksha.

The process of liberation and merging into love is described in the Bhagavad Gita. It is possible for everybody, to become love, to merge into love. When individuals are enlightened, so will our planet Mother Earth, and so will the universe; all energy is connected. Though, there is still a lot of work to do. We need to live a healthier ‘Sattvic‘ lifestyle with pure, natural, organic and vegetarian food, in balance with nature. The elements, nature and natural food are direct sources of fresh prana. Female and male energy has to be balanced in the world and inside of ourselves. The world needs to become more loving towards others and nature. That starts with self love and love in our families and schools. Children carry an amazing light; it is up to us to let them shine!

We can all start our own path of self-healing today. While reading Vedic texts, the timeless lessons of guru’s, modern books about Moksha or Yoga and even some messages of this blog, a deep inner process of awareness will be awakened. You will be internally motivated to start a healthy living, based on self reflection and elimination of old patterns so that love will flow into your life: a proces of Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga. A beautiful balance between body, mind and soul can be reached with the Yoga Lifestyle and the union with Universal Love. Your own inner healing process will help you to -perfect health-, but it will also help the world to heal, towards a loving and spiritual New Era.

‘Love one another and help others rise to higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy’. 

Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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