I’m Janayitri Brahmanda; Behavioural scientist-child psychologist, published author, life-lover, happy-person, coach, teacher, naturopath and yoga-therapist.

I’ve created some new ways of teaching, coaching and therapy focussed on body, mind & soul, which include the knowledge of yoga, meditation, the Sattvic lifestyle and the yoga diet. For classes, workshops and personal coaching please visit my website http://www.janayitribrahmanda.com.

For children I’ve developed a teaching method which was published in a book. You can read more about that on my website: www.janayitribrahmanda.com. If you are interested in workshops, presentations or a two-days-course for primary school teachers and kids yoga teachers, please visit www.yoga-energizers.com.

For contact: write me, call me, app me, whatever feels good for you.


T: +316 11 07 33 96
E: janayitribrahmanda@gmail.com
W: www.janayitribrahmanda.com
B: www.janayitribrahmanda.blog
T: @JBrahmanda
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