Janayitri Brahmanda is the translation of my name to Sanskrit, the language of the ancient Vedic texts in which yoga and meditation were first described.

For many years I have been studying the path of yoga ‘of the self, through the self, to the self’ (Bhagavad Gita) in India and the Netherlands, but mostly inside.

Yoga has changed my life completely: physically I feel much better, I am happier, more loving and compassionate, and I feel this constant bliss inside and around me. It made me a better coach and therapist for children and adults (I have a master degree in child development) with an approach on all three levels: body, mind and soul.

I can help you on your path of yoga to happiness with life coaching, nutritional advice according to the Sattvic Yoga Diet, Ayurvedic Massage, and yoga therapy in which we will walk the four Paths of Yoga: Jnana, Karma, Raja and Bhakti.

Children are naturally in a beautiful state of bliss. It is our job to let them keep shining in life with a strong authentic heart. For them I offer kids coaching, yoga and meditation. My book ‘Yoga-energizers for children’ tells you more about this. If you are interested in workshops, presentations or a two-days-course ‘Yoga-energizers’ for primary school teachers and kids yoga teachers, please visit www.yoga-energizers.com.

For Yoga Schools (in the Netherlands and abroad) I offer workshops ‘Yoga off the mat‘ with some special themes like ‘Shiva Cosmic Dancer’ and ‘Prana Shakti & the Yoga Diet’.

I work according to the buddhist principal: I’m not asking anything for the help I offer, but if you want to make a donation that’s okay. I work from the heart, it’s not commercial.

For more info please visit my website www.janayitribrahmanda.com. If you are living abroad we can start with Skype or Whatsapp conversations (English, Dutch and Spanish).

For contact: write me, call me, app me, whatever feels good for you.


T: +316 11 07 33 96
E: janayitribrahmanda@gmail.com
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