Janayitri Brahmanda is the translation of my name to Sanskrit, the language of the ancient Vedic texts in which yoga and meditation were first described.

For many years I have been studying the path of yoga ‘of the self, through the self, to the self’ (Bhagavad Gita) in India and the Netherlands, but mostly inside.

Living the 4 paths and 8 limbs of yoga for almost a decade now, has changed my life completely: physically I feel much better, I am happier, more loving and compassionate, and I feel this constant bliss inside and around me.

It made me a better coach and therapist for children and adults with an approach on all three levels: body, mind and soul (I have a master degree in child development). It made me a better teacher in university. It made me a better person in general: I love helping others from the deepest love in my heart. I guess that is the result of practicing karma yoga. If we would all do that, the world would be another place. We would live in harmony with each other and our beloved earth. It is my dharma to bring you this message and for that, I’ve written some books.

Everybody can walk the path of yoga, everybody can live yoga as a lifestyle, for that I hope to inspire you a little bit on your road with some of my posts. I take you on my journey, so that it might help you on your own beautiful life path to love and happiness.

For more info please visit my website www.janayitribrahmanda.com.

For contact: write me, call me, app me, whatever feels good for you.


Love all, serve all.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba
E: janayitribrahmanda@gmail.com
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