Janayitri Brahmanda_3523.jpgJanayitri Brahmanda is a therapist, life coach and author. She completed her master degree in child development and sportspsychology. When working for 15 years as an award-winning International Child Development Expert throughout the world, she has found the true depths of life with yoga and meditation.

With deep ancient Vedic knowledge, she discovered that in order for us to heal body, mind & soul, we have to find our own inner self again and connect with the all-loving Source: our true self, the soul.

Therefor she created her own methods for Life Coaching & Yoga Therapy for children and adults with a mixture of psychology, elements of yoga, Vedic Knowledge and the Sattvic lifestyle to find perfect healing in life and to follow the path of our own dharma. Authenticity, strength, self-love, female force and inner peace are some core values of her innovative method.

While teaching children in primary school, Janayitri developed different didactic materials with yoga, meditation, dance and games. She is co-author of the book: Yoga-energizers for children (in dutch) together with Indian singer and composer Dhroeh Nankoe. More about that on www.yoga-energizers.com.


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