Nine ways to improve your meditation

Meditation is the base of all yoga and mindfulness practice. It is the only vehicle that will bring you to higher realms and pure consciousness. With meditation we still the mind so that we can travel in between thoughts to our atma or soul. This way we are connected to the higher energy of love and bliss. We become love so that we can merge with love (because particles of the same vibration are attracted to each other).

Things change when you start meditating. Being connected to this source of love, even only a couple of minutes a day, opens a door to higher realms and love flows unknowingly into our life.

I’ve been meditating for 11 years straight now, without missing one day. Sometimes hours a day, sometimes minutes. According to modern science our brain changes after even three weeks of meditation. I don’t need a MRI scan of my brain to feel the difference: Since meditating I’m much more patient, loving and compassionate. I’ve lost a great deal of fear, anger, doubt and an interesting low self worthiness. I’ve lost the energy of deep trauma. I’m more in the moment and enjoy life a different more intense way. I feel much happier and content. My heart opened, but it also got stronger. Better to say that my heart healed again, after being badly damaged throughout the years.

Was this all due to meditation? Who knows. I feel from a deep space inside that it was the path to a more healthy and more conscious lifestyle (opened to me by meditation), which formed me as this wholesome person I am today.

In all these years I’ve had my struggles with meditation, like everybody else. Some days it is harder than others to concentrate. This has not only to do with your own inner energy; the moon and the universal energy have influence too. Like today, with Shivaratri and New Moon it is much easier to meditate. The moon and the mind are connected. With full moon, the mind is fuller too.

It is possible to influence your own meditation practice by changing your own inner energy and controlling the mind. Actually, it is better to give the mind something to do, like focussing on breathing, so it will be less distracted. And remind yourself that everybody has their own unique style of meditating: and all are good as long as you feel fine with it.

Here are nine ways to improve your meditation, and to try out some things so that you can create your own comfortable way to flow into this state of love and bliss into the depths of your own beautiful Self:

  1. Meditate on the right time of the day (Sattvic Time) between 4 and 8 o’clock in morning or evening
  2. Don’t eat before meditation and take only Sattvic food during the day. Food is at the base of our thoughts; healthy & light food gives healthy & light thoughts which are much easier to put aside during yoga and meditation practice (to go to that space in between thoughts connected to divine love)
  3. To steady the breath it can be advisable to do Nadi Shodhana or nostril breathing for a couple of minutes before meditating
  4. Put your tongue against your upper teeth (so that the stream of thoughts cannot lower down (very ancient and effective meditation ‘trick’)
  5. Of course: sit relaxed but straight up in Lotus or crosslegged position so that chakras are free, this can be easier when you sit on a block or high pillow
  6. Try to make inhalation as long as exhalation. After some time try to exhale a little bit longer each breath. Take a couple of yogic breaths (inhalation to the belly, fill lungs and shoulders, keep this in and then exhale very slowly). If something is really disturbing your mind, it is advisable to do pranayama like kapalbahti before meditating (the goal of conscious breathing is that you control the mind through controlling breath)
  7. Chant so ham. So with inhalation, ham with exhalation, which makes our breath in line with the breath of the higher energy (see my former post about how this works). First out loud, after that with inside voice
  8. Pray to the higher energy and ask for help and strength and a steady mind. Even mindedness comes from this source, which you can ask for help at any time. You can also chant –Aum Namah Shivaya– (music by Dhroeh Nankoe). It cleanses inner energy and helps listening to your mysterious inner voice, this is the best help-desk for meditation ever ;).
  9. Do Seva or Karma yoga. This might sound strange, but loving self-less action improves your meditation. What are we doing with meditation? We want to connect and merge with love. Creating more love in our lives by loving action, makes us lighter, it makes us more loving, so that we can merge better with love (which is the higher energy). Particles of the same vibration attract: you will receive more and more of this source energy. This you will feel directly during your meditation practice and the effect is long-lasting (it imprints your karma).

And finally: enjoy! Keep smiling….


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