Vegan curry cauliflower soup (delicious, light and Sattvic)

This vegan curry cauliflower soup turned out delicious!! I had half a cauliflower and an old courgette and made it into something divine 😉 (if I may say so hihi 😁)

First heat some coconut oil in a soup pan. Then add the herbs with chili and fresh ginger (cumin seeds, mustard seeds, garam massala, kurkuma, black pepper and Himalaya salt). Then the veggies in small cubes. Stir and fry. Let the tastes of the herbs come out and mix with the veggies. If you are not vegan but vegetarian, some ghee would be nice on this moment, but I skipped this time, wanted only plants today ;).

Then add veggie broth. Add chives and other fresh green herbs like parsley. Let zimmer for a while. Blend. Add plant based cream and a small amount of agave syrup. Taste, add more salt if you wish. Add loads of fresh coriander and done! In like 15 minutes.

Very Sattvic and light. Soft for the stomach, good for digestion and super healthy! (super anti inflammatory and good for the immune system)

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