Some light yoga food: vegan grilled sweat potatoes!

This is Divine food! I love simplicity. 

Oven baked organic sweat potato with rosemary and cherry tomatoes from my garden! The thing is: how do you make them crispy? I’ve got the solution: spray them with olive oil. 

First you put all ingredients on a tray covered with baking paper. Then you spray the olive oil, then add Himalaya salt, smoked paprika powder, spicy paprika powder, chili flakes (if you like spicy) and then add the fresh rosemary. Put them in the oven, first half an hour on 180 degrees. Then turn them around, add more olive oil and herbs. And keep them 20 minutes on 200 degrees. Serve with a little bit more salt if you like and some vegan mayonaise (yeah!). 

It takes a while, but the oven does the work anyways ;). Really delicious!

Surrounded by BBQ this can be a really nice vegan summer alternative with fresh spinach salad and tahini-peanut dressing, samphire and grilled spicy rosemary sweat potato with vegan mayo! 🥵 Super healthy, hardly any carbs, light & sattvic and some nice taste of the sea 🍀😉! 

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