Intuitive vegan peanut curry dish

The thing with intuitive cooking is that you never know what you’re going to make. Sometimes it turns out shitty, but most of the times it turns out great, like today! I made a super yummy peanut curry with brown rice. Don’t know if a real curry is suppose to taste like this, but it’s real for me so I guess this might be a truthful dish ;).

What did I intuitively do?

First I cooked the rice and let it wait for a while so that it becomes soft (that’s a little bit hard to do with brown rice, the trick is to leave it like 15 minutes after cooking, so it will become soft but not sticky). Then I fried some red curry paste in coconut oil, added red chili peppers, capsicum and green beans. Fresh ginger would be perfect with it, but I forgot ;). Then I added tomato, walnuts, cashew nuts and some agave syrup.

After a couple of minutes of stir frying I added high quality 100% peanut paste. After stirring I added some veggie broth and let it zimmer for a while. Then I added coconut cream and Himalaya salt.

Serve with fresh coriander. Enjoy! (I certainly did ;))

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