Dhroeh with Panivalkova in Ukraine

Just a nice memory of Dhroeh Nankoe together with Panivalkova and friends in Ukraine. Sending love. If we would all just love, the world would be another place…. if we would fuse the yoga science of being in perfect balance with each other and nature in life, like Dhroeh’s words fused in this song (from ancient hinduism: ‘the whole world is one family’), there would be world peace…

‘There is only one language, the language of the heart, there is only one religion the religion of love’.

Interesting that Dhroeh is already back there in 2017 talking about ‘not fighting but loving’ in the interview, this is what the song was all about: being one big family with each other…

Please love. Like these loving ladies of Panivalkova. Love like these special Ukraine people. Live as one people.

And here the interview of Dhroeh:

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