Best antiviral medicine: boost your immune system with positive vibes and healthy food

After years of suffering from the pandemie there is no medicine and vaccines are not working as expected. What can you do?

Best is not to be afraid or get scared: fear and stress can lower the immune system. As well as all chemicals, so my advice is to look for answers in nature.

The immune system can only be strengthened by natural ways: this is how intelligent nature works. There is no pill to boost your defences. Actually: unnatural remedies are weakening the body, which is to be seen in the immune system. This is something we have all experienced at least once in our lives: we use some sort of hormonic cream and afterwards we get the flu. This is perfectly normal. We know this.

The only way to boost your immune system, specially now during fall, is by being outside in nature and make enough vitamine D, eat healthy (Sattvic) food like fruits that contain a lot of vitamine C, take enough minerals like zinc and selenium, enough exercise and a good night sleep. Take care of your stress levels and do meditation and yoga.

I guess to do this, you can better not watch TV too much, because that increases fear: everyone is reacting from this negative energy and not from a place of acceptance and calmness, which is necessary for the immune system to stay balanced.

Personally I don’t watch television for over 15 years now (what a liberation!) and I choose which energy enters my own energy system: anxiety, fear, greed, anger, all these negative feelings are also a form of energy. Of course I am well informed and check my news apps, so that I know what is going on in the world. But I read as objective as possible and all those opinions of scared people on TV I am avoiding fearlessly.

I choose to see, feel, receive and act out of love and happiness. What you radiate you get back: the energy of your inner world, determines your outer experiences (law of attraction).

This pandemic, this all is happening for some sort of reason. If you believe in karma there is also a cosmic karma: we as a people have to go through this for some sort of reason. Like with indivual karma we mostly don’t know what is happening and why things are happening until all is over: this is the same with cosmic karma. Answers will come, but later, so the only -least- stress-full- thing you can do right now is letting go.

According to ancient yogic knowledge about nature, karma and our mental and physical health, the only real and wise thing you can do at this moment is to stay in the light, meditate (do light meditation), keep thinking positively, focus on love and bliss, be happy, do things that make you laugh, be in nature, avoid negativity and anxiety and be fearless in sending out love and positivity: happy feelings boost your immune system which is responsible for preventing you to become ill but also to heal you when becoming sick.

Shortly said, this is what you can do to stay safe: avoid every conversation about the virus and pandemie and boost your defence the natural way with healthy food, a conscious lifestyle, meditation, positive thinking and a lot of laughter!

And before I forget: read my books ‘Heal your Self’ and ‘The Yoga Diet’... with these two you will do fine…

Be happy! Safe yourself.

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