Vegan & Sattvic Yoga Diet cooking inspiration: EASY VEGGIE CURRY

A cool new super short & catchy video with Vegan & Sattvic cooking inspiration, made by my nephew of 14 years old (so cool!).

Natural, simple, cheap & easy vegan recipes according to the Sattvic Yoga Diet. You know how to cook, so this is just some inspiration, with no talking. Less is more. Less chit chat. Less pots. Less washing up after cooking. Less ingredients. Less time. Less spending. Less carbs. Less waste. More green. 

This yoga cooking inspiration stimulates your intuitive cooking ideas (less recipes from the mind, more cooking from the heart). Watch the 3 min video and then just do your own thing! Your intuition knows what’s best for you ;). Our motto: eating in balance with nature and with your natural self.

Our latest yoga life style book: 

Love & hugs to filmmaker Stieno777 

Thanks to Dhroeh Nankoe and Budha Building for the music (sounds good by the way). 

Meaning of the Mangalam Mantra: 

May there be tranquility on earth,

in water,

in fire,

in the wind,

in the sky,

on the sun,

on the moon,

on our planet,

in all living beings,

in the body,

in the mind,

and in the spirit.

May that tranquility be everywhere and in everyone.

Aum peace peace peace

Cook relaxed with love in your heart and a mantra in mind, it will be sensed 😉 


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