3 x Sattvic, vegan and low carb dinner

The Sattvic or Yoga Diet is very light. Best thing is to get up after dinner with the same lightness as before eating (Sri Sathya Sai Baba). If you feel heavy and tired after dinner, something went wrong. Sattvic food is fine tuned on your own personal and unique body, mind and soul, so if you are not feeling light after dinner, it would be good to change something about the way you eat. Of course non-vegetarian food makes you feel heavy and tired, but also tamasic or rajasic food does this with your state of being. Though, healthy food can do this too: it might have been too much? Too much Sattvic food becomes rajasic as well. Maybe it was too greasy? Or maybe it would be better for you to eat less carbs? Or maybe gluten-free? All worth trying and see how you feel then after dinner.

For me, the biggest secret is to eat less carbs and less fat. I’m at a certain age (43) that it is better to eat more raw food and shortly cooked vegetables than carbs or dairy. And with my job as a university teacher, which is solely online now due to corona, I move less, so I have to eat less ass well.

With a low carb diet, many of us think: what do I eat then? Mostly the choice of pasta, quinoa or potatoes direct us into what we want to eat each day. As well as in our latest book The Yoga Diet, with the Sattvic lifestyle we describe that the veggies of the season are leading by choosing the right dinner. The base is light and healthy, and further adjusted with lentils, nuts or beans for example.

To inspire you I give you 3 nice Sattvic suggestions which fit in a low carb & vegan lifestyle: 1. Shortly stir fried green endive with lentil balls and peanut veggie soup, 2. Vegan BBQ with falafel and 3. Spicy salad with white endive and wasabi.

The green endive is shortly stir fried with a mixture of French and Indian herbs finished with a touch of lime juice and plant based cream. The lentil balls are made the same as the vegan bean burger from before (instead of beans you add lentils). The peanut soup has a lot of veggies from my fridge that had to be eaten (celery, paprika, courgette) cooked shortly in organic & vegan broth and some Himalaya salt and chili flakes. While blending I added an organic peanut paste and some agave syrup. Served with fresh coriander (best soup I ever had, and made completely intuitively!).

The vegan BBQ has falafel, a lot of raw food and this amazing broccoli & sweat potato salad: cook the sweat potato and broccoli very shortly. You can also make some more the day before and then keep the rest in the fridge for the next day, that’s what I did. Then mash the whole thing with some vegan yoghurt and mayonnaise, with small pieces of radishes and cucumber (but you can add any type of raw food, that makes the dish more Sattvic according to the yoga diet). I added a lot of lime juice and some herbs (chives, kerrie, parsley, paprika) with Himalaya salt en chili flakes. Served with fresh coriander, lettuce, tomato and avocado.

For the spicy endive salad you just mix the following ingredients: white endive, celery, apple, cherry tomatoes, pecan nuts, mixed salad seeds, raisins, himalaya salt, dille, vegan mayonaise, lime juice, honey and wasabi.

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