My new book: The Yoga Diet

Great news! Our new book is a fact: ‘The Yoga Diet – Eating with love for yourself and nature’. This is our third published book about the yoga lifestyle and helps finding intuitively your perfect and unique way of eating. Because everybody is different. It’s about everything I’ve been blogging the past years and the publisher used all pictures by me. I’m so excited about this!

According to our book, yoga food is ‘Light, healthy, fresh, organic, soft, natural and vegetarian for a nice balance between people and nature’

Bliss and love are essential for a healthy life, they have the same energy vibration as prana, the energy that gives us life. This can be supplemented by healthy and natural food that is in balance with yourself and nature. To achieve a good balance between body, mind and soul, a sattvic diet is recommended: The yoga diet that is light and natural. This book provides a special, modern interpretation of the classic dietary style used by the yogis thousands of years ago.
• With a simple, clear explanation of the background of the yoga diet
• Plenty of inspiration for vegetarian recipes
• Tips for applying the Satvic diet in the present time

Here on youtube:

More info can be found here:

Or order directly:

ISBN 978.90.8840.228.9

Enjoy! Stay healthy!

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