Goddess power

I remember last year when I said to Dhroeh: ‘Happy International Womens Day!!’ And his answer was: ‘Wow, how can you be happy on a day like this? When women are treated so horribly’. I felt that. 

Why do we even need a day to remember the value of womanhood or femininity? Shouldn’t we be equally valued as men in the first place? Consider the fact that worldwide, in the past hundred years more women died as a result of domestic violence, than the number of men lost in wars. Can you imagine? I still have a hard time to believe this. 

So yes, celebrate women, focus on what we’ve already reached on a special day like this, but also remember all our female victims of the past decades who fought this unrealistic and totally absurd and unnecessary war against us women: while feminine energy is really the only thing that can safe our planet and humankind as a whole. 

We need our women to heal all the damage that has been done by a male dominated era. Celebrate womanhood. Be loving to all our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and girlfriends. Love every woman standing before you and give her the treatment she deserves: as a Goddess! (Every second of every day!) 

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