Navratri is a special time for every woman

Of course Navratri is seen as a hindu celebration. Of course. And that is true. But what we celebrate comes from ancient texts of a time before Hinduism even existed. It is for every woman in the universe.

What we celebrate is Divine female energy, our Source. We all came from the same womb of the Divine Mother (during the big bang), we all come from a womb of a mother. This is why every woman can be seen as a Goddess. No matter her background, religion, color or social status.

Every woman in the whole world should be treated as she deserves: as a Divine Being of light and love. Every woman is a Goddess.

Scriptures tell us that we celebrate the fact that Ma Durga won from the demon Mahishasura who stands for Ego. Of course a woman could do that, not a man was capable of doing so. We think she literally took Shiva’s Trident and beheaded the bloke. That is just symbolic.

Durga incarnated in a human body to incorporate all the negative characteristics of a person, including inner demons like anger, jalousie, greed, materialism and fear. She overcame all those inner demons with the weapons she got from all the Gods, but what really killed the ego was her inner strength and strong love for other beings. This is what she got from birth, this is who she is: life force. She gives us life. And thus love. She is Shakti, the energy of our soul. Without that life giving force we are nothing. We are all one energy of love.

Every woman who is trying to overcome these inner demons, strongly connected to the higher energy in a constant state of samadhi during these 9 austere days of celebrating the 9 forms of the Goddess, will succeed. She will be an incorporation of the Divine Mother herself. She will be Durga. Their energy is equal so She is there. Durga is inside every woman. This is the lioness inside of all of us (and many of our fellow human beings fear). This is what we got from birth, our talent we need to safe this world from male domination, ego and materialism. This is our universal female dharma.

We have this strength, we inherited this during this era of Kali, just for that. So let’s use it. Let’s kill those inner demons and shine some light into this world! Now is the right time… 💛🙏

Happy Navratri!

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