Nature & Yoga

It is that funny feeling in your stomach when you are outside. Almost magic. You can feel that the wind is telling you a story. The water is crying for help, but you leave it beside you because ‘this couldn’t be possible’.

But it is possible: nature is communicating with us. How could that be? The elements where here first, then life came. The elements are closer in timeline to the Source. They are more pure and contain more Source-energy or prana. This life giving energy is inside of us as well. It is our soul. It is love. We are all one. We are all connected. When nature is feeling unwell, we reflect that as a people in illness and war for example.

When you are outside in nature, we are unconsciously connected to love, our soul and the Source: this is what makes us so happy when we are out camping or wandering through the forest finding autumn coloured leaves and mushrooms.

When we float in the water of a natural pool, when we feel the wind on our face and hear the see in our hearts. When we warm our hands by the fire: all those are moments in which we feel connected to our real self: that is yoga. Connection to body, mind and soul. Being in balance with nature, our natural self and the higher consciousness.

You can actually say that you find love, bliss and happiness inside of you, when you are connected to nature: because nature and us, we are one and the same.

We all exist from the same source of love. We are all drenched in love, we only have to learn to connect with this higher energy, by controlling our busy monkey minds and other distractions like attachment and desires. Just a still mind. Content and grateful. In samadhi (connected, in between thoughts in empty space). Meditation is the way. This is yoga. Then yoga is healing you: body, mind and soul.

Our book ‘Heal Your Self’ tells you more about this amazing and beautiful healing proces.

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