Is God female?

We are so used to say ‘He’ or ‘Him’ when we talk about a higher consciousness, the higher intelligence or God. But is God male? Or is ‘he’ female?

When we go back to very ancient spiritual texts, we can see that there is no difference between what we call ‘him’: God, the Creator or Brahma and the life giving Source or prana. Everything, nature, cosmos and us is drenched with this life giving energy. It feels like love and bliss and we are all connected by this deep feeling of love which we are not aware of anymore in this era of Kali.

Energy rules are simple: where you focus on increases, what you give attention grows. So if you are a positive being and able to focus on the beauty in others: then this is what will increase in your life and this will come to you as well. What you radiate is what you get back. If you focus on the negative, then this is what you will see and receive.

What we see in these texts is that prana is also called Prana Shakti. Shakti is life force. We all come from the womb of Shakti. This is creating us. It is this always moving energy of giving us life, birth and growing. Creation is thus feminine. Like females create new babies in their wombs, men are not able to do that. So we come from Her. God’s energy is female.

This era is male dominated. We are too much focussed on male qualities like material stuff, positions in society, consuming, capitalism and ego. What we focus on increases. What we radiate, we get back. With materialism we get more attachment and desire. This removes us from who we really are: love and bliss. No material can give us the feeling of being loved or even happiness. This is not possible: the feeling in the back of your head ‘something is missing’ will always be present.

Absence of desire gives us this inner deep feeling of peace and bliss. Only that. More feminine energy, more creation and being creative (with music and art), being loving (helping others) and focus on the positive things in life, this gives us that deep feeling of bliss, nothing else. But stillness (and being connected to the higher consciousness) is Shiva. Being in between thoughts in samadhi is represented by a male God.

This is because God is both: male and female. Feminine energy or Prakriti is dynamic, it is always moving, learning, creating, growing. Male energy or Purusha is still, not moving, always in perfect bliss connected to the higher, without worries and the monkey mind, but with complete control over thoughts and senses. We need the dynamics of life as a playground to train our monkey minds to be able to connect with this higher stillness: both exist and are equally important.

For God gender does not exist. For God, we are all one body of love. Social status, the money on your account, all of that, is totally not interesting for ‘Him’. The only thing that matters is the amount of love you have in your heart. With more love, more of ‘Her’ is inside of you, the happier you feel and the more connected to the Source you are. Shiva destroys all the negative so that Shakti can shine (so ‘male domination’ is actually not the right word, it is ‘Kali-domination’ of darkness, males are in their base not ego nor materialism, this is the fruit of darkness. Male energy is still and free from earthly matters or maya. It is pure force. Together with Shakti or love they form both ‘life force’: Shiva and Shakti united in ardhanarishwara their merged form).

This weekend the second part of this year’s Navratri is being celebrated for 9 days: honouring all nine forms of The Mother or Adya Para Shakti. When we do this (twice a year), her energy of love will increase inside our hearts and thus in cosmic energy: what we focus on increases.

Doing the light meditation will give you all the life force and strength you need and it will fill the universe with your loving energy. This is the right time to do that in community all over the world and it will heal our bodies, minds and souls, but also the entire universe. ‘Male’ domination will be overwhelmed by the light of love and will disappear like it never existed. Love will shine.

The light of love is always stronger than anything else, it is who we are and where we are from. Remember the dark room: put one candle in it and every part of it will be lit. We can shine as one huge united Divine genderless body to lighten the whole universe and the new era of love will grow and flow into our lives.

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