3 healthy & vegan super delicious deserts or refreshments!

Home made ice cream with frozen fruits: berries, pineapple and raspberries, finished with plant based milk, coconut flakes and hempseeds (through it all in the blender, that’s it). Served with more frozen berries!
This homegrown rhubarb came out amazing the intuitive style (did not know before hand what I was going to do with it): it was cooked for 20 minutes with some agave syrop and finished with honey, a teaspoon of balsamico vinegar, a sniff of clove powder and vanille. Added chia seeds and kept it in the fridge overnight. The result is this lovely vegan, no sugar, super healthy pudding served with mango and strawberries!
Just put all kinds of fruits of the season into the blender and add plant based cream, honey and almonds to it. Serve with seeds and fresh fruits… lovely light & Sattvic refreshment, breakfast or lunch. When you replace one of your meals with such a smoothie bowl, you are getting closer to your Sattvic Yoga Diet Lifestyle!

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