Book release: discover the path of ayurvedic healing

Our book ‘Heel je Zelf‘ is in Dutch and it learns how we can help restore the natural balance in the body. It does not provide immediate healing, but awareness that leads to good health. Because headaches, obesity, diabetes, motor problems … These are symptoms or “messengers” of the subconscious mind, who wants to make something clear to us through the logical language of the body. Wanting to tell us that change is necessary.

“Healthfulness: not seeking outside yourself, but finding within the Self. At all levels. That’s what this book is about. ”

Jette van der Meij (Singer/actress)

We wrote ‘Heel je Zelf’ from the Ayurvedic perspective. From this perspective, we are a body, mind and soul in connection with our environment. Not only physically, but also energetically. Relationship problems, an unhealthy diet or lifestyle habits can disturb the connection and balance. This creates mental and physical complaints. The cure? Healing on a profound level. With body, mind and soul. And with love. Because love brings happiness and starts a positive spiral. Learn to listen to the language of symptoms. Live in love. Live healthy.

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