2 healthy kitchen garden kohlrabi recipes

These lovely kohlrabies came from my own kitchen garden! So lots of prana. Kohlrabi contains also a huge amount of vitamine C. Good for detoxing, strengthening the immune system and since it is very light, it is good for a low carb diet.

Best is to eat kohlrabi raw of course, because of the vitamine C. The first recipe is a vegan carpaccio of thinly sliced (with a hand slicer) kohlrabi, capsicum, thinly sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, pits & seeds, and a lovely dressing with dille, chives, apple vinegar, honey, himalaya salt, chili flakes and olive oil!

The second recipe is shortly cooked & vegetarian mashed sweat potatoes with kohlrabi. Both cooked at the same time so the sweat potato was soft, to make a good puree, but the kohlrabi was still very crispy. Since you can eat it raw as well, this is no problem and it gives a lovely touch to this dish (taste is remained, which is lovely in this combination). Finished with chives, pepper and Himalaya salt. Served with cherry tomatoes and high quality organic pesto. Delicious dish! Very much low in carbs, which I like most (the older you get, the lighter the food ;).

Bon apetit!

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