New moon: mind at rest & easy meditation

Today is New Moon and this means that meditation is going easy, lightly and deep. We can go into a fast samadhi because of the small moon. Why is this?

Mind is moon. In vedic texts the Moon God is representing the mind. We are all connected with energy; what is taking place in cosmos is happening inside of us as well.

When the moon is full the mind is full. When the moon is small, mind is at rest.

The full moon is like a huge magnet that pulls out all our bad qualities and when that is over during new moon, we can profit from our hard work of cleansing the weeks before.

This is why Mahashivaratri and Navratri are celebrated during New Moon: then the connection with the higher energy, Shiva and Shakti is the highest. They pull you out of maya to merge with them.

Is is easier to merge with the divine and travel to the highest dimensions when the moon is invisible.

For Shiva and Shakti is was easier to merge into Ardhanarishwara when the energy was clear and pure. This stands symbolically for the merging of earthly matters (prakriti) into spirituality and love (purusha), which is the proces of moksha or liberation in a nutshell: we become pure divine love and bliss, and let all the rest behind us in the process of detachment (in which Shiva helps us especially during Shivaratri every month with new moon).

What can you do today? During New Moon we can concentrate ourselves during meditation in merging with the Divine by seeing ourselves as a huge and beautiful light that dissolves into this bigger light of love and bliss (the Higher Intelligence) which is floating through the universe as happy as never before.

You will be able to feel this inner happiness: this is how we find bliss, love and happiness inside of ourselves and no need to look for it outside in actions, words or persons. Nothing of that: just sitting still, meditate and connect with this happy cloud of light energy!

Chanting the mantra ‘Aum namah Shivaya’ will strengthen this whole cleansing and connecting process.


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