Chamomile bath for the eyes

Did you know that Chamomile has very strong healing powers? It helps with colds, strengthens the immune system, is very good for wound treatment, helps with stomach ache, reduces stress, helps to sleep better and heals the skin.

But what not many of us know is that a bath of chamomile (cooled down strong and filtered tea of chamomile) is very good for the eyes. Especially when they are infected after working in dirty air or even new born babies who come out of the womb: many times their eyes are infected after giving birth. Rinsing the eyes with a cotton filled with this chamomile-bath washes all dirt out and more importantly, it heals the infection! Just repeat it three times a day for 3-4 days… the result will be amazing 😉

We can find any type of treatment in nature… 


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