Magic stress-release

Just five minutes of stress-release self-massage on these two reflection points can completely change your whole mood. It gives an instant feeling of deep relaxation and helps you forget about all worries and stressful situations. The mind is at rest and the body becomes healthy.

I strongly believe that we have a powerful healing force inside of us: our body, mind and soul are a great and strong wondrous complex system, that is capable of self healing. Energy and body are in constant connection. Every healing process starts with consciousness.

This is why I am more focussed on writing books than ever before: at home on your couch, anybody can start an inner process of healing body, mind and soul. You cannot find healing, love or happiness outside yourself: because answers are lying inside, waiting to be released. These are only to be found in stillness, in meditation. Than we can hear the whispering of our soul, which is of pure love (prema) and bliss (ananda).

With our busy lifestyles, the worries we have, fear, anxiety, stress, anger, etc. it is hard to connect with the love and bliss inside of us, our soul, intuition or consciousness. Negative thoughts and emotions contain heavy energy, in contrary to loving and happy thoughts, those are of light energy.

Heavy energy is like the dark clouds in the sky which prevents us from taking off to higher levels of awareness. Light energy is like a small white cloud passing by on a bright blue sky: it will never be in your way to connect with love and bliss or the Higher Energy.

Heavy energy can accumulate in our own energy, even if this comes from outside recourses. At first they are felt like knots: energy blocks, which we can feel physically. After a while these blocks can form symptoms or illness somewhere in our complex system. So it is very important to clean ourselves energetically. This is possible with light Sattvic food according to the yoga diet, which contains a lot of life giving energy prana. Being outside in nature, meditation, pranayama and yoga, drinking fresh water, are all manners to clean our energy.

In Ayurveda, foot massage is an important cleansing tool of blockages in our chakra energy. The whole body (and especially our hands and feet) has certain reflection points in which we can read what kind of energy-accumulation is taking place. Like these two points in hand and feet on the picture: when you feel a knot or blockage there, it means the energy of stress and fear is storaged there.

Massaging these four points on the centre of our feet and hands, with circling movements with the thumb (and between index finger and thumb on the hands), at home in a relaxing environment, continuing deep and controlled breathing, can have a lot of impact: stress and fear will actually dissolve. You will literally feel lighter and more blissful afterwards.

Just like with detoxing, it is important to drink a lot of water before and afterwards so that all negative energy can flow off easily.

Doing this, also helps controlling the monkey mind and helps you connect much faster during meditation and yoga exercises (bright sky!). It helps going into a deep samadhi. In the long run it will help body, mind and soul to heal.


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