Living more mindful after crisis

Despite all the horrible side effects of this lockdown and the corona crisis, there is some benefit from it. We are living more conscious and mindful. Because we had to stay at home and couldn’t join all our social activities, clubs, sports, dinners and birthday celebrations, we actually became much more peaceful. We feel more inner rest.

All these activities give us stress and a restless mind. Now we are able to relax much more (if we do not have stress and worries over economics and fear for the virus). Our lives have changed and many tell me that they don’t want to go back to that old life.

Understandable, because these busy lives are not good for our mental and physical health. We are exposed to hormones like cortisol and adrenalin too much when we are constantly running (away).

Less activities lead to less stress, because prana or life giving energy is flowing easily through our chakras and feed our brain, organs and all physiological functions.

Only when we slow down we are able to see this: when we are constantly running we are in a different frequency and it is very hard to get out of these patterns when we are stuck in them: we think it is normal.

When we take a step back, hormones are less produced and we can actually feel the benefits from it: a relaxed mind and more healthy body.

So this is a great opportunity to re-evaluate our situation and make a selection of all those activities which are truly necessary and live a more mindful life after corona. In the moment. Just enjoying being here and now. Silent.

Consciousness, mindfulness, this always comes after crisis. These moments are there to wake us up and detangle us from earthly matters and connect with our soul energy which is love. We realise what is really important in life. Consciousness. Meditation helps. With meditation we become restful and in between thoughts in this empty space of silence in which we can hear our soul whispering to us. Words of comfort, love, happiness and stillness.

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