Corona: nature as our only back up

Since there is no cure in the form of a medicine or vaccin against the corona virus yet, the only thing we can do is fall back to nature and strengthen our immune system.

Sattvic food according to the yoga diet contains a lot of raw food and cooks veggies shortly to maintain the prana

Hippocrates, founder of modern medicine taught us that the only thing that can really heal us is being outside in nature, eat healthy and natural food and live with good personal hygiene. In those times nobody knew about bacteries and viruses, so this was very important at that moment. Even now with the corona virus everybody is re-living these hygiene rules.

It is most interesting what Hippocrates said about being in nature and eating natural fresh food. He even said that our food should be our medicine and our medicine our food. Strengthening our immune system is also only possible with natural remedies: no chemical can do that, they all break down our immune system. That is because our natural balance is disturbed by chemicals, just like the sea doesn’t like plastic, chemical garbage and petrol for example.

Nature and her elements contain a lot of prana which heals body, mind & soul

Our bodies exist of energy, liquid and solid materials, we actually ARE the elements of nature. According to Ayurvedic Science this system of energy, fluids and solid material forms our body, mind and soul and finds itself always in a very complicated and fragile balance: every small bit of energy can disturb the equilibrium of this wondrous system. Even a thought, which is of energy, can influence its balance. Emotions of other people, our own feelings, our experiences and trauma’s can take this balance away. And food which is of solid material has even bigger effect on this system.

Imbalances in the system create somewhere in our energetic body a blockage of energy. This energy is connected to the liquid and solid material of our bodies. A blockage of energy causes illness, because it keeps the life giving force from running through our body.

Our energy is driven by prana: life giving energy or life force, which in Ayurvedic terms is the divine energy of our soul. We are all connected with this soul to one and another. Basically we all exist of this energy which is eternal and part of a larger body which is the higher intelligence.

Prana is flowing through our chakras (energy centres of the body) and provides our organs and physiological systems with life force. When blocked, our organs and physiological systems receive less life giving energy and this can cause pain, illness and even chronical diseases. Sometimes years later after these so-called traumatic experiences.

We all form one body of energy called the higher intelligence (Photo: NASA)

But prana is also around us. The elements have lots of prana. They were here first before us, so they are ‘the higher intelligence in a more pure form’. This means that the elements have more prana than us, so we can recharge our battery with this life force by being in nature.

Seeing the fact natural, fresh food grows in nature and feeds itself with the elements: it carries a lot of prana too. This prana we receive into our beautiful system of body, mind and soul when we eat them.

Mother Earth makes this happen, especially for us, because this is how nature works: it sustains everything that is also ‘of nature’. We exist of those elements as well, we are connected, we form a unity of divine energy (which is similar to love and bliss). All together we also form a wonderful and complicated natural system, just like our own bodies do. This is why the yoga diet or Sattvic life style recommends living in balance with nature, without spoiling energy.

All of nature is a beautiful and divine wonder: the higher intelligence or God has created it like this, so that with inner strength (and control over thoughts and senses) we can keep this personal balance, but also a balance with nature and other human beings. Once this is driven by love, inner peace and good health will come. Yoga opens the heart so that we can become more loving and merge with divine love around us (particles of the same attract). The yoga lifestyle thrives for a natural balance of body, mind and soul in balance with our natural surroundings.

‘Yoga is the only art to open the heart’

Sri Sathya Sai Baba
All of nature is a divine wonder

Love makes prana flow better and it cleanses all energy, which also has good influence on the fluids and solid material of our body. When prana flows easily through our chakras we have a peaceful mind and healthy body. Stress and unhealthy food cause a restless mind and unhealthy body: now we know why.

We also understand why we need nature to heal and protect us from illness: this is how Hippocrates’ theory can be explained with ancient Vedic knowledge. Finding solutions in nature was already done thousands of years in India before Hippocrates was living. The modern germ theory also came to England from their colony of that time: India. And Hippocrates learned his theory also from ancient Indian Ayurveda. We basically knew all along that nature and natural food have this strong healing effect on us, but in our minds we think we can only heal with some chemical medicine, which is not true. Nature heals us, just like Hippocrates found so many years ago. We only have to make this a truth in our minds and it will show it’s positive consequences.

Seeing the fact every chemical medicine destroys our physical and energetic balance and lowers the immune system, it is best during these insecure times of corona to get enough sleep, to be calm and have no fear (fear and other negative energies weaken the immune system), to have no stress and meditate regularly, be in nature as much as you can and eat according to the healthy and Sattvic yoga diet. Stay healthy!


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