We are healing, earth is healing: now is the right time to do a light meditation

Now is a really good moment to meditate. The stillness of our cities and the pause that earth is having while we are not polluting and the inner peace of not living stressful lives, helps us to connect much easier and to tame our monkey mind.

Now is the right moment to go into deep samadhi, where we are able to see that we as a people are healing and that earth is healing during this corona-virus worldwide lockdown.

Sometimes horrible things happen so that hearts can open; and don’t take me wrong, this is one of our biggest human disasters in history, many, so many are suffering. But right now during this suffering… beautiful things can come into return. This is the Higher Energy helping us with love. Illness sometimes is necessary to be able to heal.

We forgot this truth, but with energy we are all connected to each other, to earth, to the elements, to nature… which are so much at ease at this moment… animals show themselves in rare places like swans and dolphins… water is clear, the sky is bright… even we as a people are at ease, we help each other, there is love… this gives good energy all over the place and we feel that energy while meditating because we tune into higher dimensions. So we help the universal healing process by meditating and spreading more light and love.

Best is to meditate between 4 and 8 in the morning and evening. Just a couple of minutes is enough. Sit comfortably, straight up but relaxed, breathe deeply in and out through the nose.. watch a candle… see the light of the candle into your heart and just spread the light into your own body, your mind and brain, your surroundings, your family, and the whole world! We will instantly heal us, humanity, earth and the universe!

Keep breathing…

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