Sleep well!

11 tips to sleep better, deeper and more peaceful:

  1. An hour before bedtime, no more screens, but silence or soothing music
  2. Melatonin for falling better asleep or Bach Rescue Night for a deeper night’s sleep (only natural homeopathic or Ayurvedic remedies)
  3. Meditate before going to sleep
  4. Bodyscan before bedtime (possibly accompanied with beautiful soothing music)
  5. Walk a lot and be in nature during the day
  6. Exercise (but not too late in the evening)
  7. Doing Yoga regularly (this brings you into overall balance and that has a good influence on your night’s rest)
  8. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat Sattvic food
  9. Be aware of your breath. If your monkey mind rages, it’s best to focus on your breathing (deep, through the nose, to the abdomen, breathe in as long as you breathe out, breathe out longer and longer), then your mind has something to do, instead of thinking 😉
  10. Cutting the ties (mind-cutting-exercise). Regularly cut in your mind with everything that bothers you and people from the past (see them in a balloon, send them love and then cut the string, let the balloon fly away peacefully). The band will not be broken, it clears the darkness and the relationship gets better or you can let things go better.
  11. A strong cup of sleeping tea with honey before going to sleep (chamomile, lime blossom, valerian)

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