Mary of Magdalene: feminist and apostle

Mary was not a prostitute. She happened to be different than other women of that time: she did not want to marry a man, she wanted to follow God and became the 13th apostle of Jesus Christ. In that era, every woman who left her house unmarried, was seen as a prostitute. This is why she got this etiquette for almost 2000 years.

Recently the Vatican acknowledged the role of Mary of Magdalene as an apostle to Jesus and not as a prostitute. This makes her one of worlds first and foremost feminists.

As we can see in the movie Mary of Magdalene (with the lovely Rooney Mara performing the role of Mary), she was a strong woman with an extremely open heart and the ability to heal others with her love and healing hands. She realised she had a gift and she wanted to do something with it; she wanted to reach out and help others.

Family life would limit her to reach that goal. So she followed Jesus and travelled with him to help him heal others, and to reach out to other women as well, instead of only men. Women had a strong disadvantaged position at that time, she wanted to do something about that by doing it fearlessly different than all other women. Super modern for that era. Autonomous. Following her intuition.

Mary was a special woman, strong-hearted. A beautiful divine being, which we all women of this era can take an example of: we need love, we need strong open hearts and we need people who see themselves as instruments of divine peace, love, bliss and healing. People like her, can help us reconnect with our own soul energy which is of the same loving intuitive energy of bliss.

Happiness is right there inside of us and we need women like Mary, to remind us of that. We just have to break free from this settlement of society and think that we have to do it all ‘just like everybody else does.’ We have to go our own way, find our own goal in life and do it our own unique autonomous way. This is female power: it’s loving, but strong and unique. Society needs more of that.

Mary was special, she had a gift, but for centuries she was pictured as on the painting: as a prostitute. This not only happened to her. We females have been downgraded for many years in a male dominated world, but this is changing. For the better.

If even the Vatican can simply change this, an institute of mainly men, than everybody in the world can do this: let’s upgrade our mindset of women. Let’s celebrate feminism and womanhood. Let’s send some love and praise to all the women in our surroundings, because we deserve it! See every woman as a divine, loving and beautiful being and this love-energy will extend: the things you give attention grow, this is a law of energy.

If we see Mary as a strong feminist, as a hero, she will become one. If we see ourselves like that, we become one too. And even better: we become one. We become love.

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