Winter remedies

It’s wintertime. That means a lot of flu, snot and coughing.. specially when you work with children like me. Here are some natural and organic Ayurvedic home remedies that function very well as antibiotics, anti virales and strengtheners of the immune system. Important is to keep eating Sattvic according to the yoga diet with lots of fresh and raw fruits & veggies and to drink a lot of water:

  • take three times a day one teaspoon of honey-turmeric paste (includes cinnamon and black pepper)
  • start a 20 day royal jelly ampoules cure
  • take every evening ashwaganda (this is also good for deeper sleep and thus more energy during the day)
  • take extra vitamine C, D3 and chlorofyl
  • drink herbal tea with fresh ginger, cinnamon, honey and ecchinea (or chamomile).
  • drink three times a day warm water with lime

Best is to choose intuitively what fits you, because everybody is unique with their own best combination of remedies. 

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