Spending time in nature heals body and mind

It is scientifically proven by many universities all over the world, that being in nature has good influence on our mental and physical health. Hippocrates, founder of modern medicine discovered that disease is something natural (and not ‘supernatural’) and thus it can be healed with nature as well. According to him three elements are necessary to heal physical illness: good personal hygiene, spending enough time outside in nature and eating healthy & fresh natural food (‘Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food’).

From a yoga or Vedic point of view it is not much different: spending time in nature connects us to our soul which fills us with healing prana. This life force-energy which is highly present in the elements of nature, flows through our mind and body. Our chakra’s have better energetic streams and reach every part of our physique easily. This is what makes us feel good, energetic and healthy. Our organs and body-functions work better when they are equipped with the right amount of life giving energy or prana.

Hippocrates already observed 400 years before Christ was born, that nature and the right fresh food have some sort of energy-form which can heal us. That is because (according to the 5000 years old Vedic texts) fresh natural Sattvic (organic) food also feeds itself with the prana of the elements, which comes directly in our body while eating it. Raw, fresh food is very important for our whole energetic system.

First there was nothing, just ether and prana. Then after this big explosion the elements came, earth was formed, life came and eventually people came. All was formed out of this first energy-form of particles called Prana Shakti, because it is The Mother of everything. The elements were there earlier than us and contain much more prana or life force than we do: so nature is basically the source of our own soul energy which gives us life and keeps us healthy. The more of this energy, the better we feel, the more balanced our minds are and the more healthy our bodies become.

It is possible to feel this life giving energy yourself. Of course this is hard because we cannot observe it with the senses, but when you are totally relaxed and try to be in the moment it is possible to connect with the elements of nature. Best is to meditate outside very early in the morning at a place where the elements are strongly present, like on the beach or near a lake. While meditating you will feel that it is much easier to connect (samadhi) when you are outside in nature: this is the prana doing its work. The mind will be much more at rest and your body will be able to relax much better: this is how we get in between thoughts and connect best with the higher energy, at the place where there is nothing just prana.

With a healthy and natural yoga lifestyle and spending enough time outdoors, we prevent stress, mental agitations and physical illness. It is even possible to heal cancer when we live a strict yogic lifestyle according to the ancient texts. With Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga we are able to heal ourselves: the natural way. Exactly how Hippocrates meant it to be.

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