No carbs: cauliflower curry couscous

What a great invention this cauliflower-low-carb-couscous. Since a while I have a food processor because my neighbour was buying a new one so she gave me hers. I never had one before, because I really believe that we produce too much of these kind of unnecessary machines (which is obviously not good for the environment). But now that I have one that was actually supposed to be thrown away, I am extra happy with this luxury. I also made the best bean-burgers with it (will post that after this one), and I make my own nut&seeds–crunchy-crumble for breakfast now, which came out great as well (picture on Instagram). And that fits the Sattvic lifestyle perfectly, because processing your own food keeps the good energy. So I kinda can say that I am hooked to my new apparatus ;).

Using cauliflower instead of rice or couscous fits the Sattvic Yoga Diet very well: it makes a dish light and full of prana. Cauliflower rice can also be made with a simpel grater, but the couscous is much faster with the food processor. You just put the washed and raw cauliflower for a couple of seconds in the food processor and that’s it. So you actually win time, because you don’t have to cook anything.

For this recipe I stir fried some lovely multi coloured veggies in coconut oil, added curry, turmeric, pepper, Himalaya salt and chili flakes. Then I added the cauliflower couscous and continued stir frying. I added a little bit of water because it was dry, tapped it for a couple of minutes and left it on a low fire. In 15 minutes the whole dish was done. Served it with some fresh coriander.

Stir frying keeps all the veggies crispy and that means that it has still a lot of prana. The cauliflower is straight from nature (so unprocessed) and almost raw so also with lots of prana: super Sattvic. Couldn’t be better! It came out as a nice, light and delicious vegan dish. I felt much better after dinner. No carbs at night feels good for me. But remember that every person is different and the Sattvic lifestyle is fine tuned on your own intuition and unique needs.

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