Every woman is a Goddess

Today the nine days of the celebration of the Goddess have started again: for the second time this year. How come hindus and yogis honour their women twice a year for such a long period of time as 18 days? No other God described in their history gets so much attention. This is because a woman, the Goddess Ma Durga was able to win this enormous battle against the demons of ego, greed, selfishness and materialism. Only a woman could do that. Why?

Women have more Shakti energy inside of them than men. Shakti energy or Prana Shakti is the life giving force of the universe. First their was nothing, before the big bang. At least, that’s what we think: there was ether and prana or energy. Anything after that, was born out of the energy of our Universal Mother. This makes Prana Shakti the greatest energy of all. It is God. It is pure love.

Love will always win from hatred, from darkness, always. Everything else, the elements, earth, life, it all came later and contains less life force. It is less important than pure love. The light of love is always stronger. We women have a lot of love. You might think it makes us vulnerable in the money & power focussed world of today, but this is actually a strength: when all will vanish, all that is left is Prana Shakti. This means that female energy is always stronger than everything else. Vulnerability makes us strong.

This materialistic world will end one day, it will vanish. New era children who are born right now are different: like Greta Thurnberg for example, for them love and nature are of much more value than anything else. These kids have the power of the future in hands, not those money & power focussed old men. The Mother is fighting back. Her new children are her brave warriors.

At the end of the nine days of Navratri the victory of light over darkness, of love over evil is celebrated during Dasara or Dussehra (the tenth day) because ma Durga managed to slaughter Mahisasura, the demon of ego. She did this with the weapons of different Gods and the enormous light of love in her heart. Only love can do that. Only love could win. This is what we learn from these beautiful ancient texts: women were of much more value than any man. Every person comes out of the womb of a woman. Mankind cannot survive without women.

A male dominated era will never hold ground, it is not based on love. And only love will win. Materialism, ego, greed, money and power, this is temporary. Love is not, it is eternal and will never vanish: it is a superpower. When you put one candle in a huge dark room: it will always lit up completely. Not by fighting the darkness, only by shining the light.

Every woman has this life force of light and love inside of her. This is how we managed to survive a male dominated era for so many years. Domination of materialism, ego and greed. But now things are changing. Cosmic energy is changing. Light is shining again. We women are fighting back. We are in a transition period between Kali Yuga and Sathya Yuga: the era of love and spirituality. Women, and female qualities will rule again.

Hinduism is the only religion that honours more of her female Gods than the male ones, because they know the value of a woman. This is not always known by later generations, but it is in their ancient Vedic scriptures, which were the first found written words ever. They contain the truth or sathya which we need to be reminded of again in this ‘modern’ era to be able to overcome male domination and eager for money & power instead of love.

When humanity becomes balanced again all our women and even nature or our Mother Earth (Shakti or prakriti stands for nature and earth as well) will be treated as they deserve again: as our most important Goddesses. All women should be treated as a Goddess. Nature should be treated as our Mother. Today is a beautiful time to start a change: The Mother, our cosmic energy loves these nine days of Durga Puja. She will shower everyone who lits those nine candles with love, bliss and life-force as you have never felt in your entire life! Now is a good time to meditate: you will feel Her energy.

Honour every woman around you, all of them, with love and bliss. Prana Shakti will honour you back. This is the law of energy: what you give is what you receive. If we want to see change in the world, and I guess a lot of us want this, take the first step yourself by treating every woman with love in your surroundings: this will lead to a better and happier, more loving world. Your good energy will be felt.

Your good energy is part of this huge energy body which will become stronger and lighter with your good thoughts, words and deeds! It all starts with you. Real feminism starts within. You can change yourself, nobody else can do this for you and you cannot change others. The power of self realisation you have in your own hands. We can get angry about what’s happening, of course, that’s a normal reaction. But then darkness is inside of us. We have to keep being ourselves namely love, we have to shine a light on everything we face and everybody we meet: then love will win. It will overcome this era. It will lit the entire universe and darkness will vanish completely. Only women can do that.

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