Cooking with your intuition

Intuitively cooking looks very hard in the beginning, because its completely without a recipe, but believe me: it is the healthiest thing you can do! And it is fun! You just open your fridge, feel with your instincts what you would like to eat and then start cooking. No mind, no thoughts, just act.

Thousands of years ago we humans lived like that too: we had no processed food and we lived much more in balance with our natural surroundings. What grows here in Holland is different than in Spain, India or Latin America. Why? Because that is what our physical bodies need at that time in that particular environment.

How can we fine tune with our lost natural instincts? Because that is exactly what’s needed when we intuitively choose our foods. Meditation helps to get back in line with our intuition, because then we are in a state of samadhi in between thoughts; that is the exact place where the connection lies with our instincts, intuition, soul and the higher energy (it’s actually all the same energy).

Sattvic cooking, or the yoga diet supports this way of austere living, in which we never eat too much or too little: it is the perfect balance for every unique individual, because we are never the same. And every day is different: one moment we are sitting and studying and the other we are doing sports. For every moment we need a different kind of food.

Animals are very good at this and they eat only what they need and will never be over- or underweight when in a healthy state. That is because they have no monkey mind that troubles their state of samadhi and they know with their bright instincts what their bodies need (and how to keep nature in balance).

We have to go back to that same strong connection with our intuition to be able to live a healthy, austere, conscious and blissful lifestyle in balance with nature, and our true nature of body, mind and soul: yoga and meditation are the road to physical, mental and spiritual perfect health.

Ps: the dish on the picture has blanched soy beans, lettuce, stir fried cabbage, cherry tomatoes and a tahini dressing.

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