Carrot juice leftover falafel!

Carrot falafel! Vegan, low carb, light, fluffy, super healthy and delicious. This is made out of the carrot juice leftover: can you believe it? I am so happy with my new, but second hand juicer. These two combo recipes fit the yoga lifestyle perfectly. The Sattvic yogadiet is in complete balance with nature. Austere living does not waste anything. All is precious energy!

Fresh organic carrot juice (made of pure carrots in the juicer, that’s it) is my favourite, it has this natural sweetness and it is amazingly healthy. Very good for the digestive system and heart, it is a strong antioxidant and perfect detoxer. Safe the carrot pulp for the falafel.

First mix some chickpea flower with arrow, baking powder, salt, chili flakes, turmeric, kardemom, cumin, ginger and paprika powder. Add water and make a nice mixture. Add the carrot pulp, coriander and chives. Stir. Make balls or burgers. Bake in coconut oil. Bon apetit!

Note: to make veggie burgers I am always trying to find ways to get the water out of the vegetables to be able to make the burger with a minimum of flower (less carbs) so this solution is perfect! If you make the mixture with more water, you can also make a really nice vegan omelet.

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