Meditation by the sea

First there was nothing, just ether and prana or energy.

Then there was this huge explosion from which the elements came. Planets were formed.

After that, life came. First small forms of life and then animals. Human life came after that.

So that means that the elements, nature and animals contain much more of the precious prana, which is the life-force behind every living creature. It is The Mother from which everything is born, this is why in Vedic science prana is also called Prana Shakti.

Shakti is The Mother of all. Every living being comes from her womb of ether and prana.

Being in nature, close to the elements fills your level of prana. This is why we feel so happy in nature.

This is why we have to treat nature like our Mother.

Meditation is the way to connect to our Mother, God, love, our inner being or soul. We tune in, to Her vibration.

While doing a meditation outside in nature, for example by the sea on the beach, we can connect even better with Prana Shakti. This refills our love-tank and feeling of happiness within a second.

The energy of the waves, the freshness of the water on your feet, the divine feeling of the wind on your face, the rays of the sun on your cheeks and the strength of earth with the sand you’re are sitting on, are a straight source of divine bliss and love.

The prana will flow through our bodies, which makes us healthy. It flows through our minds which gives inner peace and positive thoughts. And it will let our souls shine in the form of pure unconditional love. Because Prana Shakti is boundless, divine, unconditional love. It is God. Shakti is God.

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