Sattvic, vegan, low carb & no fat bowl

With light food we get happy thoughts. The Sattvic yoga diet and yoga lifestyle isn’t just for our bodies, but also our minds: we eat to clean our system physically and energetically. This brings us easier between thoughts in a state of samadhi during yoga and meditation practice.

This vegan salad bowl is super light and perfect before an evening yoga session, sauna visit or doing sports. It also fits all kinds of ‘loosing weight’ diets and could even be eaten during a period of detoxing. It has no fat, it is low in carbs and has a huge amount of prana with all the raw & pure elements.

It has lettuce, carrot with Himalaya salt and fresh lime juice, grilled courgette, tomato and lentils. The lentils were fresh and soaked for 3 hours and then cooked for 20 minutes with salt, pepper, kurkuma, chili, kardemom, curry, paprika, cumin, chives, coriander, nutmeg, and some more intuitively chosen herbs. Very nice. It brings out a lovely taste to make your salad bowl delicious, a little bit different and above all super healthy with lots of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Bon appetite!


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