The Moon & the mind

I took this photo last month during full moon

In two days the moon will be full again. And we all know how important the moon is for our existence: without the moon there would be no seasons and even female fertility depends on the moon. Our life is possible because of the moon.

Though not many of us know that the moon was linked to our world of thoughts in old Vedic knowledge: the moon is described as the Mind (mana).If it is completely silent outside and there is a bright sky, just sit outside and watch the moon: you’ll feel instantly an inner rest flowing into your mind. You will feel connected to it. In yoga we salute the sun with Surya Namaskar, but there is also a beautiful moon salutation: Chandra Namaskar. Chandra is the deity of the moon.

When we salute the sun we wake up and get very energetic, but with the moon salutation we ease the mind and cool it down again. It gives balance between opposites like the darkness of the night and the light of the day, but also between our left and right half of the brain. It is recommended to do the sun salutation in the morning to get energetic for the day and the moon salutation in the night to get a nice and restful sleep. But saluting the moon, by doing Chandra Namaskar or just namaskar also balances the mind during the day. You can do this at any time you feel doing so: we can see the moon during day time as well as in night time.

When the moon is full, is it like a big magnet to tear out all our dark energy of thoughts, emotions and old sore. This gives a restless mind, we worry about everything. With the new moon, there is little mind activity and our mind is at rest. This is why Shivaratri and Navratri are always celebrated with new moon: the mind is at rest so that we have acces to contact the God and Goddess of Yoga during dhyana (deep meditation) in a state of samadhi (in between thoughts). So the moon represents our mind: is it full, there is much activity, we feel restlessness, is it small the mind is at rest and we have inner peace.

This is very important information to help us understand our moods: one day we are completely connected to the higher energy and the other day our monkey mind is jumping around. You can really take advantage of these moon tides: with full moon you get the opportunity to challenge your mind, and to train it to be able to tame the monkey mind. This will help your meditation practice to get deeper and deeper into the higher dimensions. Life is bootcamp and we are trained every single minute of the day to reach moksha or liberation. Best is to consider it as a gift from the higher energy to help us merge with love, bliss and happiness. Then the mind will be at peace.

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