The victory of good over evil

Put one candle in a dark room and the whole place will be illuminated. Light is always stronger than darkness. Love, happiness, hope, bliss and kindness are always more powerful than the dark. Good news for these harsh times with materialism, egoism, capitalism, anger, aggression and violence of Kaliyuga: don’t you worry, the light will shine again. The darkness of these present times has a reason: it will help the light radiate dominantly again. These coming nine days are very important to do a light meditation: you will be able to notice the strong light of prana into your chakras during samadhi, because it is very strongly present in cosmo right now. Just tune in, and you’ll feel the strong energy of love and bliss.

Nine candles for the nine forms of Durga which are celebrated during Navratri. With kumkum to ask for her strength and protection, turmeric for good physical and mental health (inner purity) and vibhutim for spiritual advance and inner stillness.

Today the nine days of Navratri or Dasara have started again. Twice a year we celebrate our Goddess Durga and that she won the long lasted holy war on her own with the weapons of the three Gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Kind of a hero-story actually.

The male Gods could not win, but she could. Why? Because of her pure heart of love and her strength similar to the powers of Shiva, inside of her. That is why Shiva and Shakti are almost always to be seen in their merged form Ardhanarishwara with the right side of Shiva and the left of Shakti. They are equally strong, they are equals. Male and female are each strong, though in our times our minds came up with the crazy idea that men are physically stronger than women so ‘men are stronger in general’. That is not true. Women have another kind of strength: something that men don’t have. It is not outer strength or muscle power, it is inner strength, it is heart-power. This is what the story of Ma Durga wants to tell us.

Durga was pure good. She was pure love and bliss. This is prana, this is God, this is Brahma. It all started millions of years ago with just ‘ether’ and ‘energy’ or ‘prana‘. Then the big bang came and the 4 elements were created. But before that, there was just prana. Shakti. It is love. It is the strongest energy in the world, in the universe, because it can never vanish: when everything would be destroyed, earth, moon, the sun and all the planets, what will be left? Ether and prana. So prana is the strongest, everlasting energy or particle that ever existed and will ever exist. She can never be destroyed. Love can never be destroyed, it will always be dominant.

Durga represents this pure energy of Prana Shakti. You can never hurt her: how can you shoot a cloud? That is not possible. She is just there. She cannot be harmed in any way. There will always be light and prana. That is who we truly are. It is our soul energy. It is God. It is the life giving energy of every living being. It is the life force itself. It is power. It is strength. It is the cause why plants grow, why nature exists and why we are all here: to come home to love. To our true self: our soul. To her. That will give absolute bliss and happiness. That is our universal dharma: merging with God.

With this kind of ‘power’ I mean real power and real strength: nowadays people with money have power, although, they think they have power, but in reality the materialism and egoism makes them weak, but they don’t know it yet. It’s a trap. Their souls will have great trouble merging and they might need more than a thousands lives or even more, to be able to reach moksha or liberation. Every act that is not out of pure love, takes us further away from liberation. That is karma.

What can you do today to reach moksha? Start with living a conscious lifestyle, be kind, act out of love, have compassion, help others and meditate. When you meditate you connect with the higher energy of love. It takes a while to tame the monkey mind, but once you reach this inner stillness to a perfect samadhi, you will be amazed. It will feel as if you can already reach the love, happiness and bliss that will finally overwhelm you after great times of soul-searching and Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga. This is the inner cleansing process to get all darkness out and let the light of love of your soul body shine fully and brightly again. When you become pure love, you can merge with it: only particles of the same attract en melt into each other like Shiva and Shakti did. You’ll have to become divine to be able to merge with it. That is yoga. Our life goal. Once you start to walk the path of moksha, you will feel as if you were reborn. This merging process is what Durga’s story stands for: the inner light of love will always win over outside darkness. You can do it, everybody can!

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